Why is it Important to Maintain Your Ignition System?

Is your car not starting or having trouble starting? If so, then you may be experiencing issues with your ignition system! But what are the signs that your ignition is acting up, and how can the issue be resolved?

There are a few different ways to spot a faulty ignition system. A grinding sound when you start your vehicle can be a clear sign that your starter is acting up, and a whining sound can indicate that your engine is freewheeling; another major issue. If your car simply isn't starting, the issue could be a dead battery, but it could also be a faulty solenoid. Whenever you're not sure, and even when you are, it's always a good idea to bring your vehicle in for servicing in order to correctly identify any issues or locate any additional problems that could crop up.

If you're having problems with your vehicle's ignition or if it just isn't starting, then bring it on over to Car City Hyundai! Our St. Joseph, MO Hyundai service location can service your vehicle, properly identifying any issues your ignition system may be experiencing, and fixing them before you know it!


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