Types and Functions of Tire Treads


Tires are manufactured with different tread patterns which are intended to serve a purpose of traction. These patterns are vital in braking, driving and traction force. Also, the tires contain grooves molded into road surface to help push water out and keep you from hydroplaning.

Three main types of treads include unidirectional tread pattern, harnessed in high-performance-passenger cars, asymmetrical tread pattern; this pattern change across the face of the tire surface increasing stability for corning through small blocks within the tread and bigger on the outside. Also, a combination of unidirectional and asymmetrical patterns which has a capacity of achieving high dry performance on the interior of the tread. Other tread patterns comprise of the Rib tread pattern, the Lug tread pattern, Rib-lug, block type patterns among others.

Schedule an appointment with our service center online and our technicians will inspect your tires for you to ensure proper tread. If the tread is too worn, we can let you know if a tire rotation would extend your tires life span or if it’s time for a new set of tires.


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